Flour Power Catering was established in 1996 with the best sandwiches around and have gone from strength to strength in Belfast ever since.


In 1996 we developed our first delicious menu and have been creating and changing through the years. We make so many of our own delicious sauces and marinades and have a great range of meaty and vegetarian & vegan fillings for you to try.


We are also the home of the Original Belfast Melt and long before the popularity of the skinny panini we were deep filling our fat baguettes with oodles of tasty content, topped with mountains of melted cheese and slathered with a homemade sauce


But leaving aside what we want to put in the sandwiches, did you know that you can now use the Office Drop Shop on our website to create and order your own tasty treats? Just build the Sandwich or Melt you want, using your choice of breads, extras and sauces and pay online. Simples. You can even add your favourite drinks, snacks and sweet treats for that extra shot of lunch time yummy nutrition. Now put your feet up and wait for delivery.